About Us

Located in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, we are a privately held company with deep roots in the aerospace industry - and the resources for developing specialty Silicone RTVs.

In mid 2000's, we made the market observation that the aerospace community only had two OEM Silicone RTV manufacturers servicing it, both of whom are very large businesses. Thus we felt the market had room for a smaller, technically astute company, capable of providing competitively priced alternatives. The market has proven that early observation correct as we continue finding new applications, especially with our high temperature RTV offerings.

Being small and privately held, our prices are very competitive; and as evidenced by our work with the FAA, and their granting us a PMA, our RTVs are of the highest quality, and technically equivalent to the OEM offerings. Not only does the FAA recognize this, but so do aircraft manufacturers, and airline operators.

And we are not stopping our product advancements! We have developed an ultra-high temperature Silicone RTV, capable of sustaining 650F plus temperatures. An RTV not available anywhere else; and if interested in this new temperature capability RTV, please click here.

Thank You for visiting our site, and please put us to the test….... enjoying both the utility, and price value our Silicone RTV’s offer.

Your Aerospace Sealants Team