AS12SL-NC Self-Leveling Silicone RTV Adhesive Coating

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Lead-Time: Ship usually in 1 week.  Expediting may be available upon request.

Minimum 9 months shelf-life

This is not an FAA PMA product.

AS12SL-NC is a 1-part silicone RTV developed for coating applications. AS12SL-NC offers unprimed adhesion to many metals and plastics. When cured, AS12SL-NC results in a very durable silicone adhesive coating. The elastomer resists weathering, ozone, moisture, UV and high temperature.

Momentive (GE) RTV160
MIL-A-46146* Group I, Type II materials

Fast room temperature cure
Self-leveling liquid RTV
Adhesion to metals and many plastics
Temperature range -45 to 250C

Coating assemblies
Industrial sealing
Thin section potting & encapsulation


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* Testing for referenced MIL Spec is performed in accordance with Aerospace Sealants quality test methods, laboratory conditions, and procedures, frequency and sampling, which are not necessarily identical with the methods, conditions, procedures, frequency and sampling stated or referenced in the listed specification. Any certification will be limited to listed properties and will not imply or state conformity to any other aspect of the referenced specification, including but not limited to marking, packaging, bar coding, testing, or sampling

** In confined cure conditions, AS12SL-NC may discolor copper in direct contact with the Adhesive sealant.