AS650F – A Silicone RTV Unlike Any Other

Several years ago, Aerospace Sealants was working with a major OEM to develop silicone RTVs capable of withstanding 650F or greater, for extended periods of time, for use on their wide body aircraft. Unfortunately, they had to cease testing and evaluation upon losing their project funding so they could focus on other company production priorities.

Since then, we have conducted some of our own testing, and believe we have met the original goal. Given its uniqueness, this Silicone RTV is proprietary; yet we are most interested in working with technically oriented customers that understand the possibilities such an RTV compound could offer when temperatures above 500F are an issue.

Please click here for our Technical Data Sheet for AS650F.

If you would like to discuss your interest for such an RTV, you may call us at 480-619-4386 x301 or x304; or email us at