AS106 Red Silicone RTV Adhesive Sealant 5.6 fl oz Cartridge

$ 43.38

Lead-Time: Ship usually in 1 week.  Expediting may be available upon request.

Minimum 9 months shelf-life


Momentive (GE) RTV106
MIL-A-46106* Group III, Type I related materials

AS106 is a high strength, fast curing, acetoxy silicone RTV adhesive rubber developed forapplications requiring fast development of physical properties and excellent adhesion. AS106 is a 1 part high temperature silicone that when applied to the substrate allows handling of the bonded assembly within minutes. AS106 works well in manual and automatic dispensing equipment.

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This product is available also in 2.8 fl oz tube, 10.3 fl oz caulker and 5-gallon pail.

* Testing for referenced MIL Spec is performed in accordance with Aerospace Sealants quality test methods, laboratory conditions, and procedures, frequency and sampling, which are not necessarily identical with the methods, conditions, procedures, frequency and sampling stated or referenced in the listed specification. Any certification will be limited to listed properties and will not imply or state conformity to any other aspect of the referenced specification, including but not limited to marking, packaging, bar coding, testing, or sampling.

Alternate P/N: RTV106, RTV-106, 106RTV, 106 RTV